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So my doctor told me to reduce my stress levels

What a wonderful new world.

OK. I know I needed to reduce my stress levels and get more exercise, so this sounded like the perfect solution. I’m an animal lover and have had a number of German Shepherds over the years and they have all turned out to be great companions. Great stress relievers and a terrific form of forced exercise.


I had forgotten how much hard work a puppy is. Particularly a German Shepherd puppy.

And this one is smart! She had us completely fooled. When we picked her up she was an angel. Quiet. Contented. Very cuddly. But that was a con!

Two weeks later we have a tornado on our hands. A very lovable one to be sure, but a tornado none the less.

Over the months her exploration of her world have certainly help me de-stress after a hard day at the office and the early morning walks in the park are a delight that sets the tone for the beginning of a new day.

What’s this to do with healthcare? Not a lot for you., but I am sure Nina has made an impact on my health. After all, pet owners do live longer (should be, probably is, a bumper sticker!).