Living is much more important than adherence

I came across a great article by Rajiv Mehta, it was his story about the development and evolution of a health app and what they learnt from its use by consumers over time and their response and continuing development of the app.

What I really, really liked was the 3 lessons they learnt from working closely with consumers. I won’t go into them all here, you can read them for yourself using the link below, but this was the key for me:

Adherence is a much lower priority than living life.

OK, in this case the author is talking about adherence to using an app to improve patient health, but the principle applies across medications and other treatments. What pharma and other clinicians fail to appreciate is that they need to understand the total priorities in a person’s life and how they can make adherence fit into the patients life. It is not about getting patients to be compliant and making consumers change their life around their condition. I know taking medications as prescribed is THE highest priority for pharma – for me, that’s what they care about, but for patients it’s about getting on and living life as best they can.

This is a great article. Give it a read.




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